Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ocular Ultrasound

Running behind this week, so here's a re-post from last year - enjoy!

Tips from residents and attendings when this was presented at U of C conference (paraphrased): 

  • Dr. Chan: when measuring the ON for ICP, make sure to freeze the image straight (where the ON appears the largest)... if it is scewed, you will get a falsely low diameter
  • Dr. Eugene: one tip to avoid excess pressure on the eye is to stand at the patient's head and rest your wrist on the forehead
  • Dr. Jan: another option rather than putting the tegaderm over the patient's eye is to stick it over the probe itself as a cover... less eyebrow removal!
  • Dr. Chan: try chilling the gel with some ice packs beforehand... makes the gel more firm = more likely to stay in place for good eye protection and a great image!